Donating Roller Blinds to a Local Hawkes Bay Non Profit

In November, Nourished 4 Nil reached out to the Facebook Community for Help. “Our serving/distribution area has 2 HUGE windows that face the blazing afternoon sun,” they said. “We recently got 2 quotes to install sun blocking roller blinds….Unfortunately the quotes would REALLY stretch our little budget and while blinds are certainly not a necessity, having them would make the prep times and distribution more pleasant this coming summer. ”


One of the team at Douglas Outdoor Living saw this post and suggested we get in contact. “I met with Christina and was thoroughly impressed by the operation she has created,” said Mike Konig, managing director. “We are happy to be involved this time of year giving back to the community.”

Just before Christmas, a few of our installers were on site at 6:30 am installing the brackets for the screens. They did this on their own time. The screens were installed later that week.

They were very happy to have them installed. Nourished-4-Nil-Roller-Blinds-Installed