Custom Made Boat Covers, Upholstery and Trimmings

We can repair, replace or custom make and fit any canvas that your boat needs. Boat covers, carpets, lining, squabs, screens, dodgers and stone guards are some of our specialties. From small run-abouts to commercial fishing vessels we have the capacity to work on many different sizes in our Hastings Hawkes Bay workshop.


Canvas Boat Cover Hawkes Bay

Boat Cover

Dodger & Clear Screens

Dodger & Clear Screens

Navy Boat Squabs Hawkes Bay

Boat Carpets, Lining & Squabs

Boat Road cover, Hawkes Bay

Road Cover

Stone guard for boat Hawkes Bay

Stone Guard

Hypervent for mattresses in campervans, caravans, motorhomes and boats

Hypervent for Damp & Mouldy Mattresses