Custom Made Commercial & Industrial Canvas Products

Douglas Auto & Marine Upholstery custom design and fabricate protective commercial and industrial canvas products and covers for machinery and equipment in Hawkes Bay.

Our tradesmen repair, re-build, re-shape and re-upholster tractor seats, quadbike seats and forkhoist seats just about every week of the year so they’ve become expert at these jobs. And by talking with both clients and equipment users we have arrived at functional enclosures to keep forklift operators dry and warm even during some of the heaviest downpours!

Industrial textiles used by Douglas Auto & Marine Upholstery are ideal for many flexible structures and enclosures.

For anything that needs a protective cover, come and talk to our “undercover agents” – they are sure to come up with a design that leaves you neither shaken nor stirred, merely amazed at their skill and ingenuity. Come in to our Hawkes Bay showroom at 413 Queen Street West, Hastings for a free estimate and consultation.

protective canopies for industrial and commercial businesses

Protective Canopies

Forklift Clear Screens

Forklift Clear Screens

Hawkes Bay Reupholstered Tractor seats, Quadbike seats, Forkhoist seats Bus seats – repair or full refit of seats, carpet and wall linings

Forklift, Bus and Tractor Seats

Commercial and Retail Awning

Commercial Awning

Industrial screens used for sealing in enclosures

Industrial Screens

tarpaulins and truck or train curtainsider repairs

Truck Curtainsider Repairs

Machinery Covers, Fermentation Tank Covers, Quad Bike Covers, Aircraft Interior and Covers

Industrial Machinery Covers

Custom Hawkes Bay Industrial Products Include: