Suntech – The New Generation of Retractable Pergolas and Roof Systems

Douglas Outdoor Living Solutions proudly offers its clients the Suntech range of Architectural Retractable Pergolas and Roof Systems. Suitable for use in any weather conditions, the Suntech roof systems are perfect for a large range of residential and commercial applications. Whether it’s a retractable pergola for your backyard, courtyard or deck, or a custom made roof system to meet the needs of a restaurant, bar or commercial project, we have a solution to suit.

Key features and benefits:

  • Flexible design allows for projections up to 10m long and 13m wide, in any one system, offering up to 130m² of protection (linking multiple systems to cover  much larger areas is also possible)
  • Easy to operate  – with a touch of a remote you can see the stars or blue sky, or protect yourself from the heat of the sun or the rain.
  • With the addition of our outdoor screens, you have the ultimate in outdoor rooms, with the flexibility of being able to adjust the amount of light, heat, wind & sun as your mood or need takes you.

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