Manual and Roll-Up Outdoor Screens

Our manual or roll-up outdoor screens are an inexpensive space generator at home, work or school.

Key features and benefits:

  • Manual & roll up screens add space to your outdoor living or playing area (for your charges) in the colder, wetter months and can be rolled away in the warmer, dry months.  They are also invaluable in spring & summer when cold winds might otherwise drive you indoors.
  • Roll up screens are custom-designed, fabricated and installed specifically for your outdoor requirements, be it for your home, your business, cafe, winery, restaurant or sports club.
  • Outdoor screens can be fabricated in clear, mesh or coloured PVC or canvas – the options for your project are extensive.

Whether you call these outdoor screens, patio screens, patio blinds, wind screens, clear screens or clear curtains – please give us a call if you would like a demonstration of the range of options available.

These screens are the natural addition to any roof system to enclose your outdoor living space beautifully.

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