Horse Float and Truck Awnings and Canvas Products

We custom-make awning and shade products for horse trucks and floats as well as a number of complementary and useful canvas and  fabric products for your equestrian traveller including:

Protective Padding and Weather Screens

We will provide or repair all your protective padding – chest bars, rump bars etc. (Sorry, we actually mean the protective padding in your float or truck!!)

Or if it is insulation you need for sound, warmth or comfort on walls and or ceilings we can do that too.

Fancy a roll down screen so you can keep the wind and rain out of your truck or horsefloat, yet keep the ramp down and either retain the view with clear PVC screen or privacy with a canvas screen? We will custom-make to suit your needs

If you need a PVC dust cover to keep the rain and dust out of your horse float while travelling, these can be custom made to fit.

Handy Hold-All

Tired of all those wet covers, smelly saddle blankets and other paraphenalia messing up your car boot, or getting wet, dirty and under your horse’s feet while travelling, or just in the way when at an event?

We have the solution for you – keep these items off the floor, but easily accessible, secure and compact while you are travelling. Custom designed and made to fit your float and meet your needs. Covers, rugs and saddle blankets remain clean and dry but easily accessible.

Saddlery / Tack Cabinets

Do you want secure and tidy storage, but do not want the extra weight of wooden cabinetry or a cumbersome wooden cupboard door? – we have the solution for you – a tidy PVC front cupboard that keeps your tack secure and takes up minimum space and weight, yet rolls up neatly out of the way for full and easy access to your gear.

Protective Tyre Covers

Keep your spare tyre free from the perishing effects of sun and at the same time advertise your business or your trusty stead’s show name with a plain or sign-written tyre cover.

Awnings & Shade Covers

We have a whole other page dedicated to this – check out the awnings and shade we custom-manufacture for horse trucks and floats.

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All of our products are custom made to suit your needs (so we’ll have a look and measure it up precisely for you).

No job is too big or small for us. Just give us a call or call in to our show room in Hastings, Hawke’s Bay.